For laundry units, hostel, hospital, hotel, dyeing factory, large & middle size enterprise and service field to wash various fabrics made of cotton, jean, wool and synthetic materials with water as the medium to wash. Can wash clothes with stone and sand. It can wash, can't extract, operate & maintain easily and flexibly.

  • Capacity range from 25-300kgs, economic-saving cost.
  • Frame construction made of M.S. Channels and plates.
  • The machine adopts horizontal and drum-type structure, low noise, low shock.
  • Inner and outer drums are made of high grade stainless steel with smooth surface to avoid rust problem due to water, chemical and detergents.
  • The perforations in the inner drum are punched and embossed neatly for the safety of cloth.
  • Inner drum is having “U” Lifters to provide a consistent lift to the clothes.
  • Belt drive up to 50 kgs and Duplex chain drive arrangements for above 50Kgs.
  • There are safety lock electrical system on outer drum.
  • Teflon rope system to arrest water leakage in stuffing boxes in both sides.
  • Heating of water through steam injection, coil type electrical heating and hot water feeding system optional by customer request.
  • Water inlet with flange arrangement and water drain outlet through heavy P.P. ball Valves.
  • Electrical panel with and without variable frequency drive available as per customer request. Programmable to set Forward, Reverse direction timings and speed. Also to set ideal and total cycle timing.
  • All information is subject to change without notice.