For use in laundry units, hostel, hospital, hotel, dyeing factory, large & middle size enterprise and service field to dry washed wet clothes collected from Hydro Extractor. It is only for drying clothes.

Inner frames are made of M.S. Channels. Machine body is made of M.S. (or) S.S. sheets as per the customer request.
The complete S.S. basket that rotates with articles is punched properly for free hot air flow.
Large door, easy loading and unloading, opens 180°, option: left or right opening fitted with safety limit switch.
Efficient airflow system with large basket perforation.
Optimal design of exhaust fan, with the best heat dissipation, wind speed.
Runs through V belt transmission system.
Panel board to run the machine in forward and reverse directions with proper ideal time. To note temperature and to vary temperature settings. . Emergency stop button can stop drying immediately.
Safety switch to stop drying when the door being open.
Heating through electrical, gas, steam system as per the customer request.
All information is subject to change without notice.